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GUESS WHAT! [04 Feb 2005|01:43pm]
[ mood | crazy ]












comment on this!


and i`ll tell you my NEW JOURNAL<333

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sorry but.. [15 Jan 2005|11:31pm]
[ mood | just about everything.. ]

it`s been a looooong time
but sorry loves i`m gunna have to take a break on this journal shit
its just very hard between school and trying to do things while i`m home and homework and bull
i`m s0ooo sorry i`ll understand if you wanna delete me from your friends list and w/e but i really wanna still look at peoples journals and i WILL comment as much as possible
its just so hard and the shit i wanna talk about i fucking cant cuz people print it out which is gay WRAIGLAWGHiwuhg *MADFACE*
soo i`m thinking when i have a lot of time on my hands which right now i DONT. i`m gunna make a NEW friends only journal and like yea lol but idk i wanna make one but i have a lot of friends who dont have journals and they cant read it then..
so thats why i`m still trying to figure out what to do
but for now i`m not updating unless i have time.
but there has been A LOT of amazing and fucking retarded bull fucking shit going on and i just wanna fucking kill some people but w/e soo comment if you want on this entry .. hey maybe if everyone posts 1000 comments i`ll write in here even if i am busy lolll hah idk if that will happen but w/e post WHATEVER you want communitys anything just nothing mean or it will be deleted and you can comment as much as you want =) but i`m done now sooo sorry if ne1 gets mad i just really dont have the time but I LOVE YOU LIVEJOURNAL AND ALL MY FRIENDS AND EVERYONE WHO LOOKS AT MY JOURNAL (UNLESS I HATE YOU) AND COMMENTS<333333333 YOU ALL MEAN THE WORLD TO ME =D AND TODAY IS KATHLEENS BIRTHDAY<3 okay but yea mwahhh *** ana<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

0085 things were left unsaid

[07 Jan 2005|01:44pm]
[ mood | i miss people </3 ]

hmmm a couple days ago was emmy ems b-day so i wanna say i love you babe hope you had a good birfday see you soon hopefully<33 and ummm i havent updated in a while i wanna say what happend in cali and stuff but i dont have time but umm cody, jamiie, and brady i miss you guys i love yous so much. cody <333 ahhh i hope to see you soon babe i seriously miss you more than anything i cant stop thinking about you****** i hope we see eachother again and jamiie ohmy i had a greaaat time with you hehe and brady your sucha cutie and all our inside jokes and cody tap dancin and jazzzzz awww and umm ayyyy and huh LOL aww and me and cody having a private party sorryyy lOlLoLoLoL and my sparkles and purse and umm cody taking my money lol hmm idk just so much fun stuff and the gum mmm haha NO LOL and us going to pizza hut and me getting that drink yayy hehe* s000oo what else did we do i cant even remember.. me taking your hat and saying it was like a gay guys =P and the pool and cuzzi w0ot w0ot okay they wouldnt give me my fucking money unless i took off my clothes hehehehehehe oh GOd wwhat fun times i miss youus 0o0o and codys hat aww the goofy hat =) yea you guys teaching me all those words hehe and umm well yea the computer room and everything just so much fun and me and codys game <333333333333333 awww i`m gunna cry the shooting game babe i love you so much and your bros and my belly button i cant remember anymore lol i gotta write more later but i love you guys hope to see yous soonnnnnnn as possibleee <333 umm ok lol i`m in computer skills it like took me the whole class to do this we have a sub and i miss mrs.iwankow lol well were goin in a couple minutes so i want you all to sign my journal or else i will be sadder than sad okkkkkkk k kkkkk and tonight i wanna do something but idk what lol well umm heres people..

david-hi..bye, ana loves me.

kristy (*beautifulllll) - omgogmogm i amm cool and i like coco cus im cool and hehe um ANA IS FUNNY SHE SHOULD BE A COMEDIAN...like umm DAVE CHAPELLE if thats how you speel his name...well um yeah its like time to go so BYE hehe i<3colin and ANA~!!!

love ana*

Jobs for your LJ Friends by brianwarnersgrl
are you sure you want to know?
ok this person is a hooker:__feelthewind
this person is a wrestler:ii_luv_you_x3
this person is in a famous band:myheartache__
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this person will be the future president in 2026:inlove_x3
this person is a babymaker:kmk_renegade
this person is a drug dealer:thuglife_33
this person is a stripper:amity__
and of course we all knew they would be a nunjustme_x3
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Maria is a hooker (i knew she had it in her)
Lindsey is a wrestler (that bitch =P)
Jill is in a famous band (aw hehe of course you are the cg haha)
Dave is the lead singer of that band (hah NO LOL)
Christina is going to be the future president in 2026 (go babyy!!)
Jesse is a babymaker (umm.. jesse no. that was supposta be me)
Joel is a drug dealer (i`M GUNNA KiCK YOU BLACK BOOTY! YOU BAD BAD BOY)
Morgan is a stripper (taking some lessons from jordan are we ;;]] oh yea i want some private shows!!)
Jenn is a nun (0o0o0o I never knew such bad girl nuns!)

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( ) re-post this for me to answer your questions?
( ) come and pick me up at 3 am because my car ran out of petrol in the middle
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[01 Jan 2005|12:27am]
[ mood | iT`S 2005 BABYY ]





and her goes some of me and ejona`s smileys!! lmfao<3

*_* - my star pretty face <3

>_< - angry face grrr

> <  - retarded face lmao hahaah

$_$ - money face! cha chingg

^_^ - happy jesse face

#_# - pound face

?_? - question face

"_" - umm quotation mark face

=_= - sleeping face

+_+ - plus face

{ _ } - umm idk face haha

/_/ - sideways face

._. - dot dot face

\ _ / - OMG face

<3_<3 - love face

x_- - winking face

1_1 - 1 face

2_2 - 2 face

3_3 -3 face

4_4 - 4 face

5_5 - 5 face

6_6 - 6 face

7_7 - 7 face

8_8 - 8 face

9_9 - 9 face

0_0 - 0 face

@_@ - @ face

%_% - % face

&_& - & face

`_` - ` face

~_~ - ~ face

:_: - two dot face

;_; - ; face

'_' - ' face

,_, - comma face

<_> - sad face

a_a - baby a face (cuz my name starts with a =P)

A_A - grown-up A face (cuz my name starts with A =P)

e_e - baby e face (cuz ejonas name starts with a e =P)

E_E - grown-up E face (cuz ejonas name starts with a E =P)


lmfao oh God I love you* we have soo many more! hahaha okay comment comment* thanks your a doll =D


0021 things were left unsaid

[30 Dec 2004|02:18am]









CUZ i LOVE HER!! X 11093571309758927359817538 AND MORE!








Okay well yea i LOVE YOU MORGAN HAPPY 14TH B-DAY!!


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the hardest things to say are the ones that mean the most. [29 Dec 2004|12:50pm]
[ mood | liking some1 else.. maybe ]

well i decided to post* umm hehe i think i might like someone O=) and his name is Jamie =] <3 hehehehehehe i noticed i fall for guys with the name that begins with J lol neways idk i really hope i like him.. i NEED to like some1. like NOW. because this is getting too far with love bull shit grr i hate it. well i`m just happy my vacation is coming along.. Jamie, Brady, and Cody are like my homiesss yo* ahh i LOVE them all 3 of them they are ADORABLE!! =D well yea omg me &* Jamie went to get my bro from the game room and i we hit the door so elias would open it and i was wearing my two tinkerbell braclets and something flew off of my braclet cuz i hit the door too hard lol and Jamie looked for it for me and I was like its okay it was prob a star and 5 min. later he found it and gave it to me!! AHHHH =]]] and then Brady had a hat with a thinger on it.. like jesse's hat.. so i wanted to see it. so i did =P it was cute i liked it i took it. hehe but i gave it back lol and umm cody was teaching me how to play chess omg hes such a cutie pie!! he like told me to go to the room cuz everyone went up there and i was like umm i`ll pass and he laughed awww and umm Jamie wanted to go in the pool O=) but it closed at like 10:30 and umm i found out hes 14!! AHHH YAY! i was so happy i thought he was like 12 cuz he was down there with like his bros and mine but OHMYGod yayayayay!! HES 14 =D haha YAY! hehe and hes a skater and he is fucking GORGEOUS!! buut.. he lives in canada =[ grr well i think i`m gunna move to canada lmao yea i wish.. but i might see him again tonight!! yay =D hehe and last night i still had no make up on and he told my bro i`m hott!! AHHHHH =] that made my night.. until i heard something ughh but yea only joel knows<3 i love you joel<3 sorry i didnt come online last night =[ i couldnt </3 but i LOVE you so muchie! hehe and umm i LOVE morgan &* i`m proud to be bi with her! hehehe okay thats enough for now i`ll write more later please sign my journal mwah* thanks your a doll hehe love love <3 ana oh and btw i`m coming to buffalo soon yea i hate the cold but i miss so many people <333

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never ever again [26 Dec 2004|08:01pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

yea i`m not on my lap top right now.. i`m on the hotels computer thingerrrrrrrr.. umm ugh i hate this i wanted to go on vacation to get away from school and now I wanna go back to school to get away from my family. how much worse can this get? oh yea i got my period. heh not. ugh i`ve never been so pissed and upset. i cant lock myself in my room and cry so i leave the hotel room or go in the bathroom. and cry. i watched notebook, cinderella story, and like 20 other movies and cried. you should go watch notebook i LOVE that movie. but neways yea it cost my dad like 500$ in just movies lol. but yea ughh andd on top of it SOMEONE made something even worse God I hate everything right now why couldnt my life be like b4.. i miss most of you in buffalo tho.. but i`m out i cant type nemore i`m balling.. later please sign my journal*


007 things were left unsaid

[25 Dec 2004|11:03am]
[ mood | christmas-ie =] ]

okay i`m gunna update this later about how i feel but..




love to you all comment and say merry christmas if you love me =] <3

0022 things were left unsaid

i`m having a bad craving for the taste of your lips.. [24 Dec 2004|12:09am]
[ mood | annoyed at stupid people ]

alrighty its so warm in cali i love it =] but i really do miss my buffalo people! a lot a lot a lot x 392799743290629196 lol and umm yea well i`ve been doing a lot of stuff disney, beach, universal that good stuff =] and its been fun! 11 days till I come backkk w0ot<3 um um ummm YOUR ALL GAY!.. phew glad I got that out ;-) iTS TRiPLE T K A NOW CUZ PEOPLE ARE MAKiN ME HAVE A BF! LOL yea ohmy people are getting on my last fucking nerve =] I hate babys who send people down to guidance.. BABY and those retards who called me a prude whore? umm okayy that fucking makes sense.. ashlee get a fucking life go talk more shit see what will happen your so fucking stupid get it threw your head no1 likes you nemore no1 fucking trusts you and who did you ever make out with bitch?! huh.. huh?! YEA JOEL FOR 2 SECONDS SO FUCK YOU SCUMBAG GET A FUCKING LIFE! alright sorry had to get that out.. and if you wanna be my friend dont talk shit about me and say your gunna fight me cuz thats GAY alright =] and the other people who have a prob with me, my family, and my friends.. GO FUCKING DIE =] thanks <3 neways aww all these people are like counting down the days till i come back and telling me how much they miss me =] it makes me happy.. i love them <3 x 297792793793 &* I gotta talk to Jesse about how me &* him HAVE to hang out in 33 more days =] =/ =[  lol yea..

To the Little Shitheaded Skanks that Have Issues with Me or My family N' wat we Do..-GO FUK URSELVES!!!- U stupid Little Bitches.! Eat My Shit N'Die!!!!  Don't hate - Just sit Back N' Wish UCould participate! - words from big ana :-D i LOVE her! LOL yea take this advice =] it will do you some good alrighty?! LOL I love you big ana<3 and ejona I cant wait ;;]] lmfao that was too funny hahahahahahaha <3 love to you! okay and heres sum stuff =]

aleni is talking to monica..
*aleni: 2day in school those pants were so cute
monica(fat ass): thanx
aleni is talking to sarah..
*aleni: those are the ugliest pants i ever seen
sarah: yea i kno lol
lmfao * amo el aleni&*sarahx93275<3

and this is part of my horoscope thinger that ejona sent me =]

The group is kind of without its center when you're not around.

You've got to speak up. Now's the time to make your move, and you won't have to worry about smoothness -- you've got that going stronger than ever. Just make sure that cutie can hear you. =D

well neways..

some of the shit you hear about me may be true
or it could be as fake as the bitch who told you*

don`t cha wish your girlfriend was hott like me
don`t cha wish your girlfriend was 'fun like me
        'dont cha dont cha dont cha dont cha      

hehe i LOVE that song!


okay and people please do that thing in my last entry cuz its cute =] thanks your a doll! and sign my journal mwah<3 ana*

0031 things were left unsaid

[21 Dec 2004|02:49am]
[ mood | hot ]

hey guys!! okay thanks to everyone who signed my journal -- xspecially ejona! =] love to yous<33 and umm well cali is soo fucking hawt (morgans word ;;]]) i LOVE it here! but I miss buffalo.. my mom and dad are like fighting lol its funny my dad doesnt wanna move here and my mom does and i laugh everytime my mom thinks of a good excuse to live here and my dad has a even better backfire LOL its funny! funny funny funny =] yea and yesterday I went to the beach cuz it was 80 FUCKING DEGREES!! thats how hot it is in the summer in buffalo! well sometimes lol yea but I really miss all of yous soo fucking much <3 idk what i would do w/o my buffalo hoochies and boiis<3 and umm i hate gay fucking people who need to die =] and today i`m going to universal studios and i wanna see spongebob cuz i`m his number one fan I`M GOOFY AND ALENI IS GOOBER!! =DDD well thats it and can you all please fill this out cuz I really wanna kno what you guys would say to this =]..


One secret.
One compliment.
One love note.
Lyrics to a song.
How old you are.
How long we've been friends.
And a hint to who you are.
Why you would ever hate me.

I wanna see how good I know you people so try it thanks your a doll! =]<33x9237579970

love ana**

0020 things were left unsaid

yo yo yo my name is joe! [19 Dec 2004|12:40am]
[ mood | silly ]

yea I gotta update this cuz Ejona is making mee but um read and look at the pics in my last entry but PLEASE sign my journal as many times as possible kk thank you muchie love <3<3<3 mwahhhh

ana -- xOoX

00108 things were left unsaid

<333333333333333x348723587235783287328733 [18 Dec 2004|05:22am]

okay guys GUESS WHATTT i`m on my plane =] and like my ears popped and I cant hear nething!! okay well I dont have internet right now cuz i`m like on the plane and me and yanni are watchinggg SPONGEBOB =]] the 40 episodes my mom got for uss yayayayayayyyy =] and umm okay well i`m gunna talk about the night b4 I left =] oh man<33333333 wellllll it was me, bigana, lea, kaylee, chica, kari, christinaaa, katie, jesse, dave, mike, pricilla, and stephanie =] that was like the BEST ohmy okay well like me, bigana, xtina, kari, chica, lea, kaylee, pricilla, katie, jesse, and stephanie wereee there and we got our tickets then mike and dave showed up =] and we watched THE INCREDIBALSSS okay well only big ana and stephanie did and like lea and kaylee and pricilla kinda did and katie kinda did and chica kinda did lol but I swear I did not watch ONE part of that movie =] haha and neither did kari or xtina cuz were badddd and I lovee you all more than ANYTHING ohmyGoddd lollll wow were so stupid!!! okay so like we took some pics and stuff =] we were the only people in the movie and we were like running around and stuff and then we (mostly me, kari, and xtina) were like followinggg the boys and bugging them and me and kari made out then me and christina made out LMAO and umm yea hahaha theen like we were being stupid and having orgasms and umm like getting horny and yea kari was saying how like the sheep looked like me and everything and like all these people//things in the movie looked like me and christina and katie and all them =]] too many times gurlsss!!! yea then like i go in the bathroom with chica and pricilla and like i come back and there all rolling down the aisles.. lmfao losers yea and like christina sitting on my lap and like we were humping eachother I swear me kari and xtina do more stuff than I do with most guys nowadays ahhahaha ;;]] yea and christina was SCREAMING!! 'ANA STOP SQUEEZING MY NIPPLES!!' lmfaoo.. wow sorry babe you know how you get me LMAO katie is the quiet not tickilish good one =P who isnt lesbian hahah <333 chica too =] and like big ana was taking random photos of us but shes not really in this cuz she was too busy watchin the movieee!! loser lol =] she said it was good.. i wouldnt know I dont even know what its about haha I just stuck up for that lil kid when the guy scared him OMG!! and me a katie were talking about how hott the robots were.. they were just so.. so.. ROUND LMAO and umm what else did we dooo well Christina gave me a hickie and Jesse didnt cuz hes PRUDE PRUDE PRUDE and i`m NOT at ALL and then I went in the boys room to see my big hickie =] okay well guess what kids i seriously cannot hear one thing and now the plane people told everyone to turn of laptops, cellphones, and all that good stuff so0oo i`m gunna be in A-town for 4 hoursss soOo umm when I get on the plane to cali i`ll write moreee MWAH** ahhh hey guys sorry I said I was gunna write when I got on the plane to cali but I slept those four hours!! and I got to california at like 5 am over there and then I went to sleeepp at 6 am over in buffalo but it was 3 over here!! ahh now i`m really tired yea while i was in the airport dave called me =] we talked for like only a min. but he told me how everyone missed me aww and I miss them all too!! but back to the movies i cant really remember everything I was like crazzy hahahaha i love all of yous that went!! we were like dancing IN THE MOVIES lmao omg thank God no1 else was there we would have DEFF got kicked out!! yea the gurls were making fools of them selves including me.. we are SO effing stupid together me kari and xtina !! i wish ange was there then idk what else would have happend lmao yea me like hoppin all the seats to get to everyone haha =] and us just running arounddd and everyone slapping my ass.. including my gurlsss lollllllll yea and jesse wouldnt let me yell at dave and i almost slapped him.. but jesse like held me =] which was fine!! lolol yea what else idk i forgot but that was deff amazing i missed you all soo much and i`m so happy i got to see yous!! i cant wait till i come back can you say PARTYYY =] xtina and kari your deff sleeping over after puttputt<3333 hehe well yes thank you so much big ana for the movies your the best!! and yea we deff had an amazing time I miss you all soo much but now i`m going to the beach cuz its like 80 degrees over here and i`m gunna go get a tan soo please comment =] I LOVE BIGANA, EJONA, KARI, CHRISTINA, CHICA, KATIE, LEA, KAYLEE, PRICILLA, DAVE, JESSE, MIKE, AND JOEL AND MUCH MORE YEA! LOL =]<3

here are some pics from the movies =]] and umm the subscipts big ana wrote by the way<33 lolll

*me, XTINA POSING<3, katie, lea, kari, marie, pricilla, kaylee

*me and my gurls again i LOVEE them katie, marie, lea, me sitting on karis lap lol, and xtina

*haha mike, jesses umm back, dave, me, kari, christina

*mike, jesse looking down, dave

*katie, marie, lea, pricilla

*kaylee, me, jesse, mike, xtina, dave, katie, kari

*kaylee!!!! ahh adorable<333

*mike, dave, jesse hehe =]

*kari, christina, me, katie yea you know how we do!! we will dance just about everywhere =]] ahhaha

*kari, lea, kaylee, me, christina, katie, marie

*kari, christina, lea, me, katie, kaylee ((were all STILL dancing!!!!)) LOL

*lea, kari, me doing a split haha!, katie, christina, kaylee running in!

*jesse, dave, mike

*jesse, dave, mike, katie, me, christina, kari omg were such losers!! yea thats where me and kari and me and christina made out!! lmfao =DD

*jesse, dave, mike, kari, katie, me, xtina

*jesse, dave, mike, katie

*dave, mike, kari, lea, xtina, me behind xtina, katie, pricilla, marie

*lea!!! AHH =]]

*every1 rolling down the aisles lmao

*lea and kaykay! I FUCKING LOVE THEM TO DEATH!!!


*jesse`s butt lmao NICE!! dont you LOVE the pics big ana takes!!

*katie and kari doing the WORM!! and lea and kaylee doing stuff loll =]]

*mike, dave, christina, kari, jesse, me, pricilla, marie, kaylee

*aww me, jesse, mike, dave, leanora, christina, kari, marie, pricilla

*dave, jesse

*umm the seat LMAO yea big ana was drunk when she took that ;;]]]

*pricilla! cutiepie!

*me and kari runnin arounddd

*awww we were actually sitting down!! pricilla, kaylee, leanora, marie, me, jesse, dave, christina, kari

*this pic deff came out perfect! kaylee, lea, marie, me, jesse, david, christina, kari, katie, pricilla

*xtina (BOOTY), kari, chica, me, jesse, dave, lea

 *=) this is my favorite picture.. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww x 48524889725 <3333 jesse i love you!! mike, me(my ass lol)&jesse, dave, kari, marie, lea awwwww!!

*jesse running tooo hahahaha we took his hat! LOL yea and I sat on it and my fat ass like bent jesses hat! sorry bout that hun

*KARI!!!!!!!!! and lea running too =]

*jesse and a shoe, marie, katie, kaylee, christina sitting downn I swear everyone was like switching shoes and stuff LOL

*lmao leas face HAHAHHAHAH katie, christina, kari, jesse, chica, me, pricilla, kaylee HAHHAHA LEA <3 lmao yea were crazzy so i could imagine what shes thinking LMAO

*nice big ana you messed the pic up! lol yea thats chica and kaylee, lea then kari, jesse, me, christina, and daves bodies! lol

*LOL me and jesse hugging<3 then christina humping mee haha I LOVE THIS GIRL!! and kari, marie, pricilla, and kaylee haha

*awww thats when we were leaving!! marie, katie, christina, me, kari!! what hotties!! i swear =]

*amazing night everyone!! theres marie, kaylee, lea, pricilla, katie, xtina, me, and kari =D

*LMFAO thats my HICKI!!!! from jesse ;;]] (christina<3 hahaha)


okay MWAHHH** ana<333

004 things were left unsaid

i love california =] [15 Dec 2004|03:24pm]
[ mood | cold but wont be soon =]]] ]

wow.. okay well friday b4 activity night was HORRIBLE!!!!!! but then everything turned out okay! big ana picked me and my bro up at 7 and we went straight to the school and when I walked in it was like umm 7:10 or something and I had my glow sticks and big anas camera and like sarah, marie, deb, and all them RAN up to me hehe I do love them soo much! and like way more did too I was confused lol and LIZ and HEATHER I saw also and many many moree. Then I introduced Big Ana to Mrs. Iwankow &* Mr. Harrell =]] my favvvv teachers of course ;-] So after we like put everything away and I talked to a bunch of people and then we started taking pics.. well hmm i`m first gunna try to name everyone that was there.. okayy umm me, big ana, chica, banana//apple hahaha, sarah, kaFy, kristy, mike, ryan, joel, brandon, denzel, ryan wilson, pat, brian, bryan, manny, nick, jake! (who snuck in even tho he got suspended ;-]) taylor, jamie, lindz, mr. M. and mr. E ;-]] hahahahaha lol big ana<3<3, chotty, drea, dave, jerelle, morgan, maria, arianna, ashley, mrs. Iwankow<3, mr. harrell, and then the GAY teachers, monica, josh, dave, faithy, colin, jared, danny, steve, bradon, noah, meg, eric, umm and muchie more I cant remember I have bad memory haha <3 but much love to you all I danced with like EVERYONE it was very fun and you know how I get at those dances ;-] hahah and me and kaFy did our leg wrap but big ana took tons of pics so i`m gunna steal some and try to put them in hurrr but yea then after we had soo much fun at activity night it was CAR TIMEEEE hahahah those are deff the best!! lets see if I can remember who went in the car lolll idk we were all just like 'OKAY WHOEVER CAN FIT!!' lmao.. okay umm me, bigana, sarah, marie, kristy, kafy, denzel, jake, banana, monica, ryan, josh, niko, and umm i forgot but yea it was fuuuuuuuuuuun almost got arrested ;;]] hahahaaa were so badd!! but its okay cuz big ana made those sharp turns and we got away!! =D haha but yea playing THE CHICKEN SONG YES ME AND EJONAS<333333333 and umm hoochie dance and I dont want no short dick man uh uh uh lmaooo denzel: OH LORD!! lmfao yea and the baby HAHAHAH umm what elsee idk just dancin and being stupid aaaaas usual but having the BEST times EVER!! haha then at last we got to fudzzz where we met up with some other people i LOVE and then the other ewwy people =] but w/e haha yea and umm me and kafy putting spongebob tattoos on umm YEA PATRICK ON MY BOOB OH YEA BABY YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE GUYS HAHA <3<3 and then umm the girls giving me dirrty looks ;;]] what else is new<3 ahahha losers umm yea aand eating CHEESE with one of my bestest friends in this WHOLE WIDE WORRLLDDD SARAH NOELLE LISKA WHO I LOVE WITH ALL MY FUCKING HEART<33 memories memories man oh man yea and the fries and ketchup just amazing =] I love you all<333333333333 x 32873252972897 yes and umm then sarah, chica, banana, and more left then me bigana and niko left and took monica home and when i got home i watched some tv and then went to bedd cuz i was sooo tired from another amazing night well okay umm thats enough for activity night** haha and last night was elias' b-day party thing FUUUN me and my goober hung out<3 whats goofy w//o goober?!?! NOTHING =] and I got to see jenny and dashi and SEXY daja and big ana lea kaykay and all them love to youuuus and amalia didnt come she was at her umm 'cheerleading' thing.. yeaa umm okay and last night I went to the mall and stuff and SARAH, ANGE, GOOBER, MIA, AND MORE WERE THERE! and sarah gave me a present aww I fucking love her!!! and my goober was there who I would dieee w/o!! yes and then me and amalia and angie went to take some picss after a lil bit and all I can say is LMFAOOOOOOO that was deff the funniest shit EVER EVER EVER I LOVE YOU** fishy faces, umm either rock concert or 'getting fucked up the ass and it hurts' LMFAO, umm me and amalia kissey faces anges retarded face LLLLLMMMMMMMFFFFFFFAAAOOO i seriously peed my fucking pants that was TOO fucking funny and the naughty or nice** fat faces!! sexy sexy and sticking out tounge =P BLOWS KISSES ME AND ANGE!! AMALIA BEING A LOSERRRRR and umm FUCK YOU x 3 lmfao ahahha okay and then me DROPPING my fucking purse and my powder flying out.. and umm a condom LMFAO i was litterally ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING MY ASS OFF AND NOT BREATHING WITH AMALIA AND ANGELA lmfaoooo that was deff great haha<3<3 good times gurls good times!! and I saw miranda too<33 =]] okay and thenn today I wanted to go to school and say bye to everyone but MY MOM WOULDNT LET ME ughhh oh well tonight were going to the movies and PLEASE if I like you COME because I wanna say bye to everyone!! okay and so today i went to the mall and stuffz then I got a new celly<3<3 if you want the number ask meeeeh kk well I`M LEAVING TOMORROW BABYYYY WOOT WOOT CALI HERE I COME<3<3 CANT WAIT!! i`m getting everyone I love something =]] okay now i`m outtie so please sign my journal PLEASE because i`m thinking about like not doing one nemore cuz people dont sign it so they prob dont read it =[[ booo lol umm and i`m done now buh byes LOVE TO YOU ALLLLLLLL <3333 ana<3 xoxoxoxoxox

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[13 Dec 2004|02:05pm]
okayyy its kristy ana casey anddd taylor so were gunna write in hurr yo yo yo <3<3

-- kristy
ih yeah im wirintg agian hgehe umm ANA IS SEXXY yeah she is soo back off beotchhhhhhhhhh and i love her

and sergyyyy

as the chicken approaches, i wander into the deeper unerstanding of cheese and crackers. And then it happened........ LOSER BLOODY RAPE AHHHHHHH
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[13 Dec 2004|09:23am]
[ mood | pissed off at nick =] ]

okay guys were in tec and its me and nick and jake only I LOVE JAKE but I cant love nick cuz hes with ERIN EWWWWWWWWWWW and this is Manny-- :-| :-/ >:-O :-( :'[ :'( awwwwwww poor thing!! hehe okay heres nick (meanie whos going out with erin eww) FINE HE WONT WRITE IN HERE!!! okay heres jake<3<3<3 im single :-) i fucked ana! i love ana =]

okay buh byes i love you alll <3333333333333333

by the way I love nick even tho hes bad and manny dont love him nemore =( aww

mr. harrell is my best FRIEND and he loves big ana heheheheheh OHMY!!

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[10 Dec 2004|08:26am]
[ mood | crappy ]

haha I love you all okay now lets count how many times we updated my journal yesterday.. hhahaa 4 TIMES!! omg wow lololol I love you all by the way =] Nick, Jake, Chica, Darian, Drea, Dave, Brett, Chris, Kaitliyn, Mrs. Iwankow =]], and KRISTY<3<3<3 for all siging my journal you guys//gurls are dolls!!!! I love you all sooo much! Well yes today i`m going in school a little later and my hair is like all pretty =] and umm then tonight is activity night! And BIG ANASS GOING <3<3<3 I LOVE her to death. And tonight were gunna danceee yayayay!! Cant wait to hang with all my peoplee!! And yesterday like almost all of team 8 stayed after hahaha Mr. Judge got engaged!!!!!!!! awwwwwww how cute! him and mr. p. let us =[ aww but yea it was funnn!!! alrighty well yea Yesterday was the worst day ever tho ='[ yea I called Dave and I couldnt even talk cuz I was cryingg, and then amalia called and I was crying so I couldnt talk to her, and then I wanted to talk to big ana &* ejona but they werent home.. and I left a message for roro and I was balling and then she called me back and she was crying and that made me cry moreeeeee =[[ aww man I miss her so much!!!!!! Well I might see her and sarahhh tonight!! yayayayayyyyy!!! but i`m sooo mad how my like ex best friend llllllike lefft me ughh but okay I think this is enough I have so much more to write but I`m like not in the mood lol PLEASE sign my journal<3 thanks!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox MWAH ana<33

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[09 Dec 2004|02:09pm]

sup dis is david signing ana's journal cuz im cool like that im typing lik,emn 5498p324u423oiu4 mph and i g2g cuz the bell rang like 10 seconds ago., i love you ana -=]] and kristy.
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[09 Dec 2004|10:47am]
[ mood | jubilant ]

Hi Anna!

I never did this before and really not sure how it works, but you asked me to write something so I will. I know you will be leaving for vacation soon and I hope you have a wonderful time. I can't remember exactly where you are going but I think I remember you said it was someplace warm - if it is and you are on the beach could you bring me back some sand? Not a huge container just a small one and maybe a seashell?

I hope things work out with you and Ashley but whatever happens, happens for a reason - just remember that. I should really be going back to work now, so I'm gonna say "Good-Bye" and I'll see you 7th period!

Mrs. Iwankow

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study hall babbyyy <33 [09 Dec 2004|10:22am]
[ mood | annoyed at ashlee!! ]

okay now i`m in study hall in the library with marie, darian, drea, dave, chris, kaitliyn, brett, and yea =] so there gunna write in here!! <33

marie- hey gurl whats up? i love you forever! mmmmmmmmwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! love chica!

darian-he whats up? man i ddint kno u kept a live journal. shoot...i wouldnt want ppl readin my bisuness like this but oh well haha.

drea- hey gurly wats good? i love ya sooo much u my gurl all the way iight call me 834-3416 iight bye kiss

dave-hey whatup, in uhhh...study hall i think? i love ana so much =]] and if yu don't well..idc =D but w/e, oh and ASHLEE WILLIAMS IS 2 FACEDDDDDDDD done

i think its someone else's turn..

brett- hey whats up I love you

chris- hey baby was up i love u some much=]]] wil i dont know what else to say but that i love u ana =]]]]]]]

david- i love her more..\

kaitliyn- hey anna luv ya gurl--kaitlyn aka carmen

hehe I love you guys &* girls mwah <3<3 kisses and please sign my journall thankss!! <3<3<3

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its teccccnology baby <33 [09 Dec 2004|09:18am]
[ mood | flirty ]

i`m in tec. with my loversss nick &* jake =] and there gunna write in herree<33

me and ana had sex last night from jake i <3 u ana

I am IN tec right now grabing anas ass LOVE NICK

lmao.. I love you guys!! <33 okay sign my journall hehehe umm yea its first period by the way and mr. harrell loveesss meeehh haha yea right!! okay buh byes nowww I LOVE NICK &* JAKE =]=]=]

001 things were left unsaid

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